But God
March 3rd, 2020
On Sunday morning, Karin emphasized one phrase in Ephesians 2: "But God." Throughout the Bible, that phrase shows that despite mankind's rebellion, sinfulness, willfulness, foolishness, or frightful c...  Read More
February 26th, 2020
Do you ever feel like you're just waiting for your life to begin? Do you ever think you're waiting for God to call you according to His purpose, as it says in Romans 8:28? In the book of Ephesians, Pa...  Read More
Fast and Pray
February 20th, 2020
Have you noticed that lately, everybody is on a diet? Maybe your best friend is doing a paleo-keto-Atkins-South Beach-juice fast-water fast-intermittent fast-low carb-gluten free-sugar free-ingredient...  Read More
February 12th, 2020
Do you ever feel like you're waiting around for God's voice to lead you to your destined calling? On Sunday morning, Jurie used the very practical handout shown here to help us pray through scripture ...  Read More
Striving vs. Peace
February 6th, 2020
On Sunday morning, Jurie painted a beautiful picture for us. When we stop striving to balance all the "priorities" in our lives - spouse, kids, work, religion, hobbies, rest - and have God's will as o...  Read More
She Heard God's Voice, pt. 2
January 28th, 2020
Last week, I described my daughter's amazing experience of hearing God's voice through the prayers and exhortations of her church family. This week, I want to share the aftermath.We often hear, "I kno...  Read More
She Heard God's Voice
January 21st, 2020
The Vision statement for 5twelve City Church is, "People telling stories of Jesus changing lives through them." Today, I want to tell you a story.A 13-year-old girl sat during worship with her mom. On...  Read More
Be the Gift You Are
December 10th, 2019
This week, the focus of Jurie's sermon was leadership, but not the kind of leadership most of us would expect. He didn't talk about the traits that make someone a good CEO, head of a university depart...  Read More
Rest for the Weary
December 3rd, 2019
With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas ahead, how are you feeling? No other time of year brings such an onslaught of emotions – from anxiety to joy, discontent to gratitude, remembrance to anticipa...  Read More
Make Every Effort
November 18th, 2019
Before we get started, stop and think about the most difficult person in your life. Who do you struggle to relate to? With whom do you seem to always be in conflict? Now, think about the person who “g...  Read More
I Will Put My Trust
November 2nd, 2019
Humans have trust issues. For that matter, so do all animals, and for good reason! Alfred Lord Tennyson captured it well when he described nature as “red in tooth and claw.” Think about your own feeli...  Read More
A Saintly Identity
October 23rd, 2019
On Sunday morning, Jurie made the scandalous claim, “I’m not saying that I am a sinner; I was a sinner…. I am a saint.” I call this claim scandalous because so many of us, in our heart of hearts, beli...  Read More