The Trinity

The Trinity. One God in three Persons. On Sunday morning, Jurie talked about the complexity of God - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The nature of God as the Trinity is one of the most mysterious and confusing aspects of our Christian faith. We've come up with dozens of different analogies to help us understand, but of course, our human understanding falls short. God is so vast, so complex, so powerful that at times we become overwhelmed with the idea of trying to have a meaningful relationship with Him. One rather amusing metaphor I've heard is that God has Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, or split personality disorder). While no analogy is perfect, I want to share one that changed the way I experience the Trinity.
Eight years ago, pastor Tim Hawks of Hill Country Bible Church Austin preached a sermon that dealt with the triune nature of God.
First, he said, "One voice."
Next, he said, "Three voices, in unison."
Finally, he said, "Three voices, in harmony."
Watch this video with me:
If you're like me, the first two segments feel nostalgic and pretty... and the third segment gives you sudden chills. As a musician, I've always loved singing or playing harmony - adding richness and depth to the already-lovely melody.
Ginny Currin, Amy Hooper, and Clayton Ring all have powerful and beautiful voices individually, but when they come together at the end of the video, each of their voices is uplifted by the others. This is a great example of synergy - a final product that is greater than the sum of its parts.
I found this analogy so powerful because all three voices are singing with the same purpose - to worship the Lord - and all three are singing the same song. Yet each voice is singing a different individual tune to add its own flavor to the combined whole. 
God the Father is the big, powerful, creator God - a Person who draws awe-filled worship out of us. Jesus the Son is God in human flesh - a Person with whom we can relate on a human level and see as an example of how to live. The Holy Spirit is God within us - a Person who inspires us from within and speaks with God's voice within our hearts. The three are united in love and worship of the whole; they're so united that they are truly One. They are One Song, with three Voices, in harmony.

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