Life Moments Devotionals.

5twelve Life Moments are weekly devotionals sent to your inbox. It’s the perfect dose of encouragement to start your week.
What is Life Upgrade?
5twelve Life Upgrade is a process where 5 people journey through 12 conversations.
Each of which has the potential to upgrade their lives.

A Better You.

To create a better you, we begin by focusing on the original intent for human life. From there, we will venture to embrace our true identity, learn how to be well, and learn how spirituality fits into every aspect of our life.

Better Relationships.

Creating better relationships begins with understanding others. Once we have a focus on those around us, we can work on how we respond with our emotions and how we relate to others in both positive and negative settings. Lastly, we learn how to take steps into leadership roles.

Better Work.

We know that finding a work/life balance can difficult – but it doesn’t have to be. When we discover our destiny, we learn how to put the important things first. Once we know the truth about what we’re meant to do, we can take steps to leave a legacy and help others discover their own potential.

Join a Life Upgrade Group

Join the conversation.  This is it – The thing to take your life to the next.

Facilitate a Life Upgrade Group

We are made to share life. By facilitating the conversation you take the Life Upgrade experience to the next level. It’s about enjoying relationship and the opportunity to experience community.